What is RFQ?

RFQ or Request for Quotations is a feature that helps you to find products or sellers that suit best your need in the easiest and simplest way.

How to use RFQ?

1. Post products you need by filling and submitting RF Form. Put all of informations needed. The more specific informations you provide it will help you to find suit products and seller that will quote and offer you

2. The seller will offer you their products that meet with your need or requirements based on the informations you put on the form in the previous step

3. You can get the offer that seller send you through message. Check the message and among all of incoming offer and quotes you can compare, choose and decide which offering meet and suit best your need

What is advantages you can get by using RFQ?

1. You can save your time finding products you needinstead of looking for products you need one by one, you can just submit your need and the offers will all coming to you. All you have to do is just compare and choose

2. You can get many options that suit your need.All of offers and quotes coming to your message is all of the offer that suit your need. You can get many options to be compared and chose